Bovine Division – How can we help you?

Bovine DivisionOur team of experienced professionals has the energy and rescources you need to excelerate your cattle program to the next level.  If you have one donor cow or an entire pasture of donors to flush we are ready to serve your ranch.  If you are new to the ET business we are ready to answer all of your questions.     Read more

Deer Division– Hire the best!

hoofstock-deer2Todd Stroud and the Hoofstock team are among the most sought out specialists in the whitetail deer breeding industry.  Until now, the knowledge of our embryo transfer service has been available only through word of mouth.  Contact us now for available dates during the upcoming breeding season. Read more

Hoofstock Genetics can help you!

We service a wide variety of cattle raisers including Angus, Hereford, show breeds (club calf), Wagyu, Akaushi, Semintal, Brangus, as well as recipient co-op herds.  If you are into raising Whitetail deer, Mule deer, exotic hoofstock, or domestic sheep and goats, Hoofstock Genetics has the experts you are looking for with the education and experience to back it up.  We live and breathe hoofstock reproduction and specialize in superovulation and embryo transfer (ET), In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), laparoscopic and traditional artificial insemination (AI), and related services.  We utilize state of the art equipment in our fully equipped facility and laboratories, as well as our fully loaded mobile laboratory, and we have the best ultrasound equipment in the industry.  If you prefer to bring your animals to us for donor management (FSH shots, heat detection, IVF and AI) we will be glad to care for them at our facility in Ranger, TX.  Read more

Here is a glimpse into Hoofstock’s journey and the rising demand on IVF in Cattle.