IMG_4084Based out of Ranger, Texas, Hoofstock Genetics, LLC. was founded in 2010 specializing in assisted reproduction in cattle, deer, exotics, and other small ruminants. Todd Stroud, the founder of Hoofstock Genetics, has a bachelors degree in Animal science and a Masters degree in Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology from Texas A&M and has worked in the reproductive field for over a decade.

The Hoofstock Genetics team has more combined experience in whitetail deer embryo transfer than any other company in the world. The 9 year history of our deer embryo transfer program spans across 6 states and over 200 farms. The bovine division started in 2012 at the end of Todd’s 4th year of employment for father and mentor Dr. Brad Stroud. Our prices are competitive to industry standards and are designed to give our clients more profitability from their most precious genetics.

Recipient Ovary with CLsWe utilize high quality, cutting edge equipment for surgical, laparoscopic, and ultrasound procedures.  We are extremely concious of sterile technique and sanitation during invasive and semi-invasive procedures.


Young wet Simmy CroppedTransfer into recipient


At the 43rd Annual IETS Conference in Austin, Todd received the IETS Foundation Early Career Achievement Award (Practitioner).

todd IETS presentation pic