Deer & Small Ruminants

IMG_6721The Hoofstock Genetics team has more combined experience in whitetail deer embryo transfer than any other company in the world.  The 11 year history of our deer embryo transfer program spans across 8 states and over 40 different farms.  In addition to whitetails, we have performed embryo transfer on mule deer, red deer, alpine and Nubian ibex, rocky mountain bighorn sheep, and domestic sheep and goats. We look forward to the challenge of working on new species.


Services Offered:


  • Laparoscopic insemination
  • Embryo flush
  • Cloning Whitetail and Mule deer
  • Embryo transfer
  • Embryo freeze
  • Superovulation and AI synchronization
  • Ultrasonography
  • State of the art mobile surgery suite and laboratory


25 Whitetail Deer Embryos from one donor

When the program is executed properly, amazing results can be obtained as pictured to the left.  A doe produced 25 viable embryos using only half of a straw of semen.  We have collected as many as 31 viable deer embryos from a single flush.



Our business is fully respectful of State veterinary laws and regulations.  For this reason we maintain veterinarians on site for supervision and performance of regulated procedures.  For work outside of Texas, we require our clients to involve their local veterinarian to ensure compliance with your state veterinary practice act.